The Patio and Sunroom Are Bonuses

When I started looking at apartments near Stockbridge GA, I was mostly just concerned with finding a nice apartment. I didn’t care what the community amenities were because I knew that I would not be taking advantage of them. I have a social phobia, so I knew that I would spend the majority of my time in my apartment. I am a home based medical transcriber, so I can work from the safety of my own home. I wanted to make sure that the new apartment that I picked out was nice since I would be spending the majority of my time within it.

When I saw the floor plan for the one bedroom units, I knew that I wanted to have it for myself. I knew that it would always only be me in my apartment, so I didn’t need anything more than a one bedroom and one bathroom unit. Just because I have a social phobia does not mean that I don’t like nice things though, so I was happy to see that the closet in the bedroom is a huge wawlk in closet. The bathroom is right next to the bedroom too. Continue reading →

Why Entrepreneurial?

Entrepreneurial development lies on the notion of creativity and innovation. An idea is said to be creative when it is novel. That creative idea becomes innovative when it turns into something useful – a product. Entrepreneurship is underpinned by external factors, or all external factors. Any condition in the external environment whether favorable or unfavorable is a source of entrepreneurial development. Technological, social, cultural, political, and economic factors are sources of entrepreneurship. The fast-paced technology poses opportunities. During economic downturn or boom, the market is always confronted with needs and demands. The political, societal, and cultural changes give rise to new, untapped demands. These require entrepreneurial minds. The changes in these factors create new problems that require new solutions. These solutions are then translated into products. Any product that solves a particular problem of the market will create customer value proposition. What the market values will prosper in a highly competitive market.

As mentioned, there can be no external factors that hinder entrepreneurial development. What makes them a hindrance is when they are not taken as opportunities. Even a crisis can be an opportunity to be entrepreneurial. Apparently, blunders to entrepreneurial development are more of internal than external. What lack many to become entrepreneurs are entrepreneurial passion and spirit. Others fail to become entrepreneurial even when they take the initial steps because they fail to plan. They are oblivious that entrepreneurship is a risk-taking activity. When they fail, they have no plans to take the risks and hold back from re-trying. Entrepreneurial spirit must be sustained.

Conflicting ideas are present about when and where to germinate the seeds of entrepreneurial spirit. The academe is a pillar of education in the field of business. The industry is a good training ground for entrepreneurs-to-be to develop soft and hard skills. To create future entrepreneurs, the academe should instill the entrepreneurial mastery. The academic culture is important to nurture a cohort of future entrepreneurs. Educators can play a great role to motivate students pursue entrepreneurship. They might lay down the choices and teach their students to use their perceptive powers in determining which course to take. A good background of the industry is helpful to see realities and eventually delve into entrepreneurship or directly engage oneself to entrepreneurial activities. This is a matter of choice. Educators must guide the protégés and do not allow themselves to choose for other people.

Entrepreneurial Ideas – The Most Powerful Precise Way to Double Your Salary in 12 Months Or Less

The small business advice that wives give their husbands:

Did you know that today and everyday over 200,000 people are online right now as we speak looking for entrepreneurial resources or a way to start a new business from home?

Everybody is seeking entrepreneurial ideas from Holly the housewife to Frank the CEO no one’s exempt.

And with the cancer that’s sickening our economy leaving 2.6 million people without jobs and anticipating 50 million more world wide, even Joe the plumber could end up in the soup line if he don’t join the entrepreneur club.

When was the last time our country has seen a time like this …the great depression?
Many people are hanging on by a thread to their cars, houses, and what’s left of their skimpy 401 k’s.

Business owners don’t know what to do so they just close their doors forcing thousands more out of jobs almost weekly.

If million dollar businesses are closing what makes me think a small business start up is possible in a time of crisis… Is this the question you’re asking yourself?

Entrepreneurial Ideas: That Special Something that Inspires Every Successful Professional to start a new Business venture

Step away from the problem for a minute. Everyone is thinking the Recession is the problem. Let’s examine some entrepreneurial ideas that require some innovation and creative thinking skills. Could the Recession be the solution to our economic problems?

Could this potentially be the perfect time for a low-cost start up business?

How long could the average family afford costly houses some doubling after 60 days of ownership, $5.00 gas prices, the average car price $35,000, and inflation rising into the hemisphere?

The Recession saves the day for those that understand (and many do)… the trends and cycles of economics which will set new records with ground-breaking entrepreneurial ideas.

Learn 3 ways to out produce big business in a low-cost start up business

These same 3 discoveries are what assist entrepreneurial success and small businesses to thrive:

1. Big business has lost control: we all know people that work for large corporations or have witnessed first hand the slackers on their jobs… their main objective is to come up with entrepreneurial ideas to try to creatively manipulate “father time-clock”.

Their sole purpose is to see how innovative they can become to not work eight hours a day… Then you have those human walkie talkie’s… yep…. they don’t do squat all-day but talk …I’m pretty sure those lost hours weren’t calculated into the business start-up cost. Can you believe the average employee actually works less than 4 hours a day?

2. Big business many times isn’t fair: Why does it seem that the most qualified persons with the best entrepreneurial ideas are NOT leading the team.

Many time the most egotistical, narcissistic co-worker ends-up with the magical position as the manager which kills entrepreneurial spirit, originality and inspiration. Wouldn’t it seem like any successful entrepreneur could see that “John” is messing up big time so why is he still the manager?

“Why not chose another manager”? Some big Businesses just don’t get it…encouraging entrepreneurial ideas will be critical in the new economy because competition will force businesses to cut loose the dead weight even if it’s their best buddy.

3. Big Business comes with big-risk: and the biggest risk is balancing between doing what’s best for the company or what’s best for the stockholders. What most people don’t realize is that companies don’t always do what’s in the best interest of their employees (shocking I know) but rather what’s in the interest of the stock holders.

And some of the greedy money sucking, stock holders and CEO’s have one goal and one goal only… WIIFM (what’s in it for me) to make as much money as humanly or inhumanly possible, many times at the expense of thousands of others.

With the aid of CNN news and the internet we don’t have to elaborate on that issue much … E.g. $35,000.00 Toilets, private or corporate jets, cooking the books, (accounting errors) Etc…

An old song is playing in my head… “God bless a child that has his Own.” And for those that are metaphorically challenged that’s simply means” God bless the child that has her own home based small business’
Well I’ve done my part. The statistics splattered all over the nightly news and in the Local Newspaper don’t scare Me. “Are you goanna let ’em intimidate you”?

Will you put on your entrepreneurial thinking helmet and get in the game.

100,000 people (mostly traditional business owners and other professionals) are thrilled about exercising their new found entrepreneurial ideas since most big businesses are sinking faster than the titanic…

Imagine not worrying or caring about the economy or about where your next meal is coming from, who’s going to watch the kids while you work 2 jobs or will you even be employed next week, month or year.

Entrepreneurial Traits – 20 to Think Abou

Introduction – Entrepreneurial Traits

“If you are not centre stage of your own opportunity, then you are probably just a bit player in someone elses’ PB

The word ‘entrepreneur’ is derived from the Old French word ‘entreprendre’ which was first used by the economic ‘theorist’ Richard Cantillon in 1755 in an essay where he used this term to describe a person who assumed the risk of buying goods in the belief that they could sell them at a higher price at a later time. So, the term in French was used to describe ‘one who undertakes’ this particular risk.

Strictly speaking, the natural English equivalent of this description would be an ‘Undertaker’. However, since that particular role in English society preceded the role of the person described above, the English language thought it prudent to borrow the French term to describe this new and rather different undertaking.

Anthropology, social science, economic and management academics continue to argue about the definition of the term because the role of entrepreneur is so multi-faceted and it incorporates so many disciplines with researchers from psychologists, sociologists, historians, finance experts, organizational scholars and the like adding their influences to the debate.

Whilst researchers debate the definition of the term, the rest of us, if asked, could easily identify an entrepreneur and would probably include at least one of the following: Bill Gates, Anita Roddick, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey or even the Australian Dick Smith. Journalists have also been quick to place that tag on many of the colourful corporate high flyers who have made incredible wealth in the world of business, many at the expense of others and sometimes, if not outside their country’s governing laws, then quite possibly outside their moral ones. I believe that entrepreneurs and these business people are two different species who operate in the same sphere, but do so with a completely different mindset.

“Not all businessmen go down the drain because I have met quite a few coming up the other way” PB

Entrepreneurial Traits and Mindset

Either way, I think that the tag entrepreneur is of a lesser relevance in the 21st century to the one of being entrepreneurial, because the latter describes a mindset that is actually a prerequisite to performing the role of entrepreneur. Being entrepreneurial does not mean that you always choose the entrepreneurial outlook but rather, that you make decisions in your life with an entrepreneurial bias. Because, like the Chinese philosophy of duality (ying-yang), I believe that life is not so much an either/or proposition but rather a blended, complimentary combination of the two opposing influences.

So, whilst I acknowledge that adopting the attitude at either end of these issues listed below may at times be appropriate – an entrepreneurial bias in decision making will choose, whenever possible, the former rather than the latter in this ‘ying-yang’ list of options:

Longing to Pioneer Vs Administer
A drive to be Creative Vs Conform
Seeing failure as a Setback Vs a Defeat
Valuing Experiences Vs physical Assets
To seek a life of Significance Vs Compliance
Delivering Excellence Vs just the Requirements
Being at peace with an Open Vs a Distinct future
Exercising an Opportunistic Vs Minimalist mindset
Exercising Initiative Vs being Reactive in your actions
Look for the Big picture Vs a Detailed understanding
Seeking to Learn from Vs actively Avoiding the possibility of failure
To choose a position of Leadership Vs Non-involvement
Being Wholehearted Vs Reserved in your commitment
Disciplined by an Internal Drive Vs External Control
Being Accountable Vs Non-committal for outcomes
Doing it the Right way Vs Doing it the Easiest way
To choose a Long term Vs a Short Term outlook
Always Investing Vs Conserving your energy
Seeing success as a Lifestyle Vs Milestone
Looking to Solve Vs Identify problems
To seek out Challenges Vs Sanctuary
A need for Achievement Vs Status

Summary – Entrepreneurial Traits

Maybe the term entrepreneur should rightly just belong to highly innovative and wealthy global identities like those listed above, but all of us should be acknowledged for being entrepreneurial when ever our outlook, choices and positioning matches the first in the options list above. The way I see it, the more entrepreneurial you can be the greater your chances will be of firstly identifying your opportunity and secondly actually having the skills to exploit it when fate delivers it to your door. Who knows, maybe by choosing to be more entrepreneurial from today we may one day also add our name to the great entrepreneurs listed above.

Benefits of Joining an Entrepreneurial Organization

Perks. We all love them. From getting a free soda from the store our older brother worked at when we were younger, to the discounts we receive from our suppliers for being a valued customer. It’s what fuels our networking and what makes us reach out to organizations that bring value to forming a community. And in today’s tough economy, we need all the benefits and perks we can obtain, if only to give us that extra edge over our competition.

So, that’s what we can expect when joining an entrepreneurial organization. Perks. And some of the biggest perks come with the access granted to the biggest business opportunities around the world. This is due to the fact that many entrepreneurs form partnerships with organizations and companies in exchange for monetary support and other contributions of a similar nature. Sometimes these partners are large corporations, sometimes small businesses. Sometimes organizations form strategic alliances instead of partnerships. Either way, the benefits of such arrangements become clear and present when you become a member of a reputable entrepreneurial organization.

These partners will often offer discounts to members of entrepreneur networks as a way of saying “thank you” to its members. These help save both time and money, while lowering operational costs and increasing overall profit. And in this down-turn economy, that is no small advantage.

Keep this in mind when looking for an entrepreneurial organization. Make sure that the list of partners they are associated with are all reputable businesses and organizations with long, upstanding connections and reputations in the business world. You’ll want to see that the entrepreneurial organization takes pride in its name and who it associates itself with. Remember, any organization you attach your own name with, you are also attaching the names of all those that they attach their name to. This can be a very good thing if you choose wisely, a possible detrimental situation if you don’t.

But don’t only look for those big name corporations that can help you globally. Look for entrepreneurs who are locally involved in an entrepreneurial organization’s chapter. Small businesses are at the foundation of the free market and support from local entrepreneurs shows you that an organization has a strong community presence. Building a strong community of solidarity is tantamount towards keeping the local businesses striving and in sync with the hyper-local economy.

Finally, look for an entrepreneurial organization that has been offering exclusive partnerships for upwards of 15 years. This will ensure that their connections are rock solid and you will be offered a network that is both steady and influential. By having established themselves, the entrepreneurial organization will be able to provide you with growth and expansion opportunities into new sections of the world, increasing your revenue and range of productivity.

Well-established entrepreneur networks also carry more significant benefits and discounts, increasing both their value to you and in turn, your value to them. Don’t forget, becoming a member of an entrepreneurial organization works both ways. It is not only you that is benefiting from the organization, but the entrepreneurial organization that is benefitting from you as well. By accepting to associate themselves with your good name, they are adding to the network of entrepreneurs world-wide.
And that’s the way perks get started.

Entrepreneurial Work

Entrepreneurial enterprises have become a popular phenomenon. There are a couple of factors that contribute to this new trend. Social media has made marketing very accessible for individuals to reach thousands of viewers/customers/readers. In addition, the fluidity of today’s economy has resulted in job layoffs and elimination of the typical career path. For some pursuing entrepreneurial work can be from wanting to avoid drama of a typical workplace, or to pursue a creative vision or dream. For others it may be an opportunity to turn a hobby or a side project into a marketable product. Whatever your reasons may be to pursue entrepreneurial work it is important to understand a few basic guidelines before diving in.

If at first you don’t succeed- try try again. Entrepreneurial empires and superstars doesn’t happen over night. Successful enterprises are trial and errors and sometimes just pure luck. The ability to keep on trying when the chips are down and pick up the pieces is perhaps one of the most valuable skills and entrepreneur can possess. Maintaining a positive outlook is key for success.

There have been many studies done on the behaviors of success. Of these attributes are constant learning, technical proficiency, self-confidence, co-dependence, risk taking, and measurements and responsive. These unique attributes in entrepreneurial individuals make for good bosses and essentially good creators for those looking to get into this type of work. In addition, strategic thinking can help build an individual’s life and business based on goals, objectives and vision for a project. Strategic work is very important and should be an absolute priority every day no matter what happens.

A life coach can assist with working on positive psychology and other attentional training methods. These skills improve willingness to learn and cultivate passion and knowledge into tangible and marketable assets that can result in a successful enterprise. With a strong focus on positive psychology the entrepreneur creates a positive work environment for high productivity and employee satisfaction.

Getting organized and creating good work habits for entrepreneurial work is key. For many the concept of working for free is a foreign concept. However, one of the plights of entrepreneurial work is spending a large amount of unpaid hours helping your business grow. For many individuals these projects are low budget so the tasks of the mundane parts of the business are included in this work. The ability to be able to do the boring work in addition with the exciting and fun work is key. Creative ideas must be fresh but the logistics of seeing these ideas through is what sets successful enterprises apart from others. For work habit suggestions and self teaching exercises there are many resources that help make this possible.